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We are a group of parents / carers and school staff who support the school in a range of ways.  Coming along to meetings is a great way to meet other parents and carers and to hear about what is happening at the school.  We hold regular fundraising events and all proceeds are used to provide better facilities and educational experiences for our children.  We are always looking for fresh faces and ideas, so please come along to our meetings which are held every term.  You can offer to become a member of the committee or more informally by offering to help us at events.

We are always looking for new ways to communicate with parents – please send us your good ideas!

Our role as the Swinton Primary School Parent Council is to:

•        Act as a voice for all the families of Swinton Primary School

•        Work in partnership with the school and community to give our children the best possible education

•        Organise social and fundraising events

By law, schools have a duty to promote parents involvement in children’s education.  The school are very keen that parents feel able to be involved in their child’s education and learning, that they are active participants in the life of the school.  Every parents who has a child at our school is a welcome member.

Parents are encouraged to visit the school and participate in activities.  Any parent who would like to get involved is encouraged to email